Who or what is a "kol kapayim" host?
Neighborhood host: Someone who opens their doors for their neighbors on January 10, to complete sefer tehillim on behalf of Choilei Yisroel and in support of Kapayim.
Online host: Someone who takes upon themselves to raise a minimum of $1000 to sponsor sefer tehillim.
How can I sign up as a neighborhood host?
Call 718-412-8560.
How can I find a host location near me?
See the attached list or call 718-412-8560.
Who or what is a "kol Kapayim" sponsor?
Anybody who donates in honor of a host.
What if an online host receives a cash or check donation?
Once it is received by the Kapayim office @ 1364 53rd Street, Brooklyn, the page will be updated to reflect the addition. Please indicate clearly the host receiver.